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Quality work

kruno5gaming responds:

thanks dude

Cameo accepted, enjoy your internet points


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It was the most accurate depiction of being a LL member ever created. Albeit, the flash creation simulation was far more effort than I ever actually put in a flash.

It's entertaining but there is an exploit. I did the artifact that gave me 4x reward and 1/4 of the HP for the towns, and when I attacked, there would always be a troop type that would do a 24k damage minimum, and I would just need to repeatedly click.

Overall good game, but it has some bugs. My game became unplayable when somehow I ended up in a black screen with nowhere to go. You are also able to skip the scene at the inn by simply going out the south side of town and going to the next town, which effectively eliminates the back story discussion with Caleb.

RockLou responds:

I fixed the Caleb glitch.
Anyways, thanks.

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Oh snap mp3 plays the blues

Much love d00d.


I've honestly not heard anything like it before. A very interesting piece of music, don't know what else to say.

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Reminds me of college

This repeats the more clustered look of the group two drawing, but I think it comes together better. It comes off as a clustered conversational setting as opposed to a photographic setting, but with the tiering it appears people are more drawn in to the conversation. It has a bit more symmetry and balance, particularly by using the two, shall we say more "robust" characters to define the borders. While Sunshine is in the back, its like he's trying to jump into the conversation as opposed to being outside of it. It does have the more complexly designed characters clustered together, but I think it works for this piece as the left hand characters seem to be visually drawn to those characters suggesting they are the focus of the conversation.

LipLawk responds:

Yet another very good review. Do you write for a living? :)

Do you want to know what I'm most proud of with these three group pictures? Group one's thumbnail has one lock on it... group two has two... and group three has three. Did you notice? ;)

A good piece but a very different appearance from the group one picture. It doesn't have the same symmetry and appears to be a bit more clustered than photographic. I think the overall concept works, but with the tiering it looks as if Alien Lock and the Flaming Trash Lock(?) our outside the group.

LipLawk responds:

Yeah, it's a bit clustered. Won't deny it. You write very good reviews, Jujube. :)

And that's Flaming paper Cup... not Flaming Trash, though I made the same mistake myself.

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